Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Now I have seen and testified that he is the Son of God.” John 1:34

 John the Baptist had the great honor of preparing the way for Jesus. Through John’s preaching and baptizing the people’s hearts they were ready for the coming of the Lamb of God. John had spent his entire life listening to God’s word. And when Jesus, the Messiah, finally came, God helped John to recognize him. / John 1:29-34 

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Reflection Question

John the Baptist recognizes Jesus as the Son of God. How do I recognize God’s presence in my life and how do I testify to the fact that God is present in each moment of our daily life? 

 Dear Friends, 

Now that Christmas has passed, we the Priests of Santa Rosa would like to thank you for so many good wishes, prayers and gifts. We pray that God will bless you throughout 2020. 

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