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Welcome to Santa Rosa de Lima, a Catholic Christian parish and school that strives to serve the community with love. The power of the Holy Spirit has manifested within us calling us to explore the fullness of our faith. If you are new to the area you may find out more about us below.

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Sunday: 9:30am and 5:30pm (LIFE TEEN)
Monday: 7:00pm


Diario: 6:30am
Martes - Viernes: 7:00pm
Sábado: 6:30am y 6:30pm
Domingo: 6:30am, 8:00am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm (Misa de Niños), y 7:30pm (Misa de Jóvenes Adultos)

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Enrollment for Religious Education Program

Monday, August 26, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Martyrdom of San John the Baptist

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Annual Santa Rosa Fiesta

Friday, September 6, 2019
Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Avoid greed in all its forms” Luke 12:15a

 Today’s readings remind us to set our hearts on the Kingdom of God. The first reading insists that “All things are vanity!” For the author, vanity meant “emptiness” or “straw.” He is telling us that it is useless to set our hearts on things that must be left behind when we die. / Ecclesiates 1:2; 2:21-23 

In this reading we are reminded that the life of a Christian should reflect the values of Jesus. “Seek what is above,” we are told. Put aside lies and idols and evil desires. Be formed in the image of God. Live as though you truly believe in the kingdom, or reign, of God that Jesus proclaimed. / Colossians 3:1-5, 9-11 

A man wants Jesus to settle a squabble about an inheritance, but Jesus will have no part of it. Concern about money prevents people from focusing on the reign of God. The parable of the rich farmer shows how foolish it is to keep piling up possessions. Right when the greedy man is gorging himself on food and drink, he dies. Death prevents any chance of reform. / Luke 12:13-21 

© 2019 by William H. Sadlier, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

Reflection Question

What good deeds will follow me to the other side of life? 

Readings for the Week

  • Sunday Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    JER 38:4-6, 8-10; PS 40:2, 3, 4, 18; HEB 12:1-4; LK 12:49-53;
  • Monday Monday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time
    JGS 2:11-19; PS 106:34-35, 36-37, 39-40, 43AB AND 44; MT 19:16-22;
  • Tuesday Memorial of Saint Bernard, Abbot and Doctor of the Church
    JGS 6:11-24A; PS 85:9, 11-12, 13-14; MT 19:23-30;
  • Wednesday Memorial of Saint Pius X, Pope
    JGS 9:6-15; PS 21:2-3, 4-5, 6-7; MT 20:1-16;
  • Thursday Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    JGS 11:29-39A; PS 40:5, 7-8A, 8B-9, 10; MT 22:1-14;
  • Friday Friday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time
    RU 1:1, 3-6, 14B-16, 22; PS 146:5-6AB, 6C-7, 8-9A, 9BC-10; MT 22:34-40;
  • Saturday Feast of Saint Bartholomew, Apostle
    RV 21:9B-14; PS 145:10-11, 12-13, 17-18; JN 1:45-51;

“May God who remembers us, God who heals our wounded memories by anointing them with hope, God who is near to lift u… https://t.co/bhGwAUhqI0”

Saints & Special Observances

  • sunday
    20th Sunday in Ordinary Time;
  • monday
    Monday, 20th week in Ordinary Time; Saint John Eudes, priest;
  • tuesday
    Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, abbot and doctor of the Church;
  • wednesday
    Saint Pius X, pope;
  • thursday
    Queenship of Blessed Virgin Mary;
  • friday
    Friday, 20th week in Ordinary Time; Saint Rose of Lima, virgin;
  • saturday
    Saint Bartholomew the Apostle;

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