Welcome to Santa Rosa Catholic Church

Instructions for your safety, the priests and others. 

We are now authorized to celebrate holy mass without any limited amount of attendees, but continue with the social distance and safety regulations. Please arrive from 30 to 20 minutes before mass start. 

Please have in mind that in order to avoid the spread of this dangerous virus please respond to the following instructions. 

  • Please people who are 65 or older and those with serious medical conditions are encouraged to stay at home and participate in the liturgies through our Livestream Masses. Archbishop Jose Gomez has given general dispensation from the Sunday obligation to attend Mass until further notice. 
  • Maintain Social Distance. 
  • Masks to be worn at all times. 
  • Wash your hands prior of coming into mass. 
  • Use hand sanitizer – Dispensers are located at the entrance. 

Parish Office

The parish staff is available to answer your telephone calls, during office hours. Office hours are as follows:

  • Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM 
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
  • Sunday: 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM 

Mass Schedule

Weekday Mass

  • Monday – Saturday: 8:00am (Spanish)
  • Monday: 7:00pm (English)
  • Tuesday – Friday: 7:00pm (Spanish)


  • 8:00am (Mass, Spanish)
  • 3:00pm (Confessions, Bilingual)
  • 6:30pm (Mass, Spanish)

Sunday Mass

  • 6:00am (Spanish)
  • 7:30am (Spanish)
  • 9:00am (English)
  • 5:00pm (Spanish)
  • 6:30pm (Spanish)
  • 8:00pm (Spanish)

Online Giving

The world as we knew it has changed dramatically. In these times we look toward our faith to begin to heal. As our spiritual home, our church relies on time, talent, and treasure in order to prosper and fulfill our mission. Online Giving is an easy way to support our continued mission, both while we are away and as we slowly begin to gather together again in worship. It is time to come together to keep our faith, so that we can offer hope and healing to those around us. 

  • Convenient anytime, anywhere access though the internet 
  • Secure and Confidential. Adheres to banking security standards. 
  • Flexible. Start, stop and change you contributions at any time 
  • Simple. No need to contact your bank or the church office 
  • Contribute using direct withdrawal (ACH) or credit cards. 

Click on the Donations link and after the process, you will receive an email confirming your donation. We appreciate your donation. 

Guide for Online Giving: 

  • Funds: Select the fund(s) to which you would like to contribute 
    • Regular Offertory (White Envelope) 
    • Maintenance Fund (Green Envelope) 
    • Building Fund for Future Projects (Pink Envelope) 
    • Other Collections 
  • Configure Gift: Select 
    • Amount would like to donate 
    • If would like to donate: weekly, monthly, annual or one time 
  • Your information: Your personal information 
    • Email Address 
    • Your Name 
    • Bank Account or Credit Card 
    • Bank Account or Credit Card Number 
    • Your Address 
    • You have an option to mark the circle O to create your account 
    • In the future only would need to enter: 
      • Your email address 
      • Your password 
  • Thank you 
    • Proof that your contribution was processed 

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Alleluia, alleluia.

May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten the eyes of our hearts, so that we may know what is the hope that belongs to our call.

Alleluia, alleluia.

Raffle Tickets

Please support our annual raffle by picking up and returning your book of Raffle Tickets at the parish office, during office hours or in the plaza on Saturdays at the end of the 6:30 PM mass and on Sundays at the end of each mass. Must be 18 years of age or older to Participate: to Purchase, to Play, to Claim. Thank you!

  • 1st Prize: $10,000.00!!!
  • 2nd Prize: 65” Smart TV
  • 3rd Prize: Adult Bicycle

Did You Know?

Is your caregiver safe? 

Many families are stretched thin during this pandemic and may be relying on childcare from different places — family members, neighborhood swaps, or in-home care. Any time you leave your child in someone else’s care, make sure you do your due diligence on the safety of the caregiver. Fundamentally, you must trust the caregiver is a safe person –ask for references, conduct interviews, survey the physical space(s) where your child will be playing, sleeping, eating. Discuss the level and kind of supervision your child needs to be sure the caregiver understands what you expect, given your child’s age(s) and activity level(s). It may also be important to consider whether the caregiver is able to physically and emotionally care for your child? For example, older family members may not be able to chase energetic young children for a full day. Even if it feels like your options are limited, your child’s safety is critical. For more information, visit https://lacatholics.org/did-you-know/

Readings for the Week

    “St #JohnPaulII and his passion for life and fascination with the mystery of God, of the world and of humankind was… https://t.co/DH4d4h1b4R”

    Saints & Special Observances

    • sunday
      29th Sunday in Ordinary Time;
    • monday
      Monday, 29th week in Ordinary Time; Saints Jean de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues, priests and martyrs; and their companions, martyrs; Saint Paul of the Cross, priest;
    • tuesday
      Tuesday, 29th week in Ordinary Time;
    • wednesday
      Wednesday, 29th week in Ordinary Time;
    • thursday
      Thursday, 29th week in Ordinary Time; Saint John Paul II, pope;
    • friday
      Friday, 29th week in Ordinary Time; Saint John of Capistrano, priest;
    • saturday
      Saturday, 29th week in Ordinary Time; Saint Anthony Mary Claret, bishop; The Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday;

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